The Struggle for Contentment

I was recently talking with one of my dear friends about life and just catching up with her. Both of us a preparing to graduate college and move on to *fingers crossed* grad school and then jobs. (Honestly, neither of us have it completely figured out yet.) And both of us are in a period of singleness. My last post had really made an impact on her. As we were talking, she mentioned that so many people are “content” yet she feels that there is often a struggle to be content in the stage of life we are in, particularly as young women at a Christian university.

As we said goodbye and went our separate ways, I realized that she was right. So often people declare that they are “content in their singleness” and seem to brush over the struggle to find that contentment or even the short period of discontent with our relationship status. Is there something wrong with admitting to a struggle for contentment?

I don’t believe that there is.

Struggle is back of being human and most importantly being a Christian. We are not perfect by any means, and we often don’t see the whole picture. It is so easy to look around my small bubble at my school and ask why and become discontent. I don’t want to be discontent because when I am, I miss opportunities and teaching moments that are placed in front of me.

Contentment isn’t just about relationship status or lack of. Contentment has to do with everything. My friend and I happened to be talking about contentment in singleness, but contentment can be about a job, about a school, about family. But the good news is that is okay to struggle. Struggling to find this contentment about life is part of the journey.

The struggle lets us see God and see how He works in our heart. It teaches us to pray for the right things, to root ourselves in the Word, and to reach out for guidance and community from other Christians. One of my favorite bands, Tenth Avenue North, reminds us in their song “The Struggle” that as children of God we are free to struggle. God doesn’t want blind obedience or blind contentment.

I’ve found that in order to find true contentment, I have to discover a complete peace and trust in God. This doesn’t come blindly, and it takes time.

My friends, if you are in the struggle don’t worry. You are not alone. Contentment will come, but in the meantime root yourself in God and his Word. It is in Him, not your circumstances that you will find contentment.


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