Today is Day 6 of a month long event called Dressember. Several of my friends and I are all participating in it for the month of December. The idea is to wear a dress every single day in December to help raise awareness and fundraise for slavery and sex trafficking. Partnered with groups like International Justice Mission (IJM) and A21, it is an opportunity to be a part of something bigger than ourselves.

I believe that every person on this earth was made in the image of God and that we serve a God of justice. We are His hands and His feet when it comes to getting that justice. As Christians, we can’t just sit back and hope that justice will come. We must be active in pursuing that justice and being a voice for those who are oppressed or marginalized.

As a college student, I struggle with how I can help pursue justice and be a voice. I don’t have unlimited amounts of money, nor do I have the chance to move overseas. I am not studying Intercultural studies or criminal justice. Dressember provided a chance for me to use my voice to help those who are unable.

I’ve personally set a goal of raising $250 this month. This money will go to organizations like IMJ and A21 to help end slavery and sex trafficking. I would love to have you all partner with me. Click here if you want to help by donating.

Donating is not the only option, you can become an advocate as well. It’s not too late to join. If neither of those options work, you can simply pray for this month. God is going to do great things out of this, and I know that I am praying that the money being raised across the USA will be used in the best way to further His kingdom.

Slavery is still a problem. Women, children, and the poor are being exploited by people in power over them. We have a chance to be their voice and work together to bring an end to this exploitation.


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